Saturday, February 14, 2009

yard candy launch

inspired by all of the home design and garden blogs out there, we've decided to start our own. in august 2007, after living just outside of washington, dc, for years (5 for lauren, 27 for chris), we decided to leave the city life for a small town outside of richmond, virginia. we bought our first house, a little cottage on the mattaponi river, and have loved lounging on the porch and meeting our neighbors.

our house was new when we moved into it so we haven't had much in the way of home improvement projects (other than painting). the purpose of this blog is to document our first big project: tackling the backyard. right now it's a blank slate. we're working with a local landscape designer but we welcome suggestions from anyone reading this blog.

mission: to create a private but welcoming space for lounging and casual dining. we'd like to incorporate as much of the 'green' movement as possible - composting, native drought resistant plants, a vegetable garden. . .

challenges: kayak storage, lawn/garden tool storage (lawn mower, weed whacker, shovels, potting soil), blocking the unfortunate view of a neighbor's cinder block garage and chain link fence while still remaining friendly.

our house

view from the front porch

another view from the front

ps we're yuppies

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