Sunday, February 22, 2009

seedling starter kit

At the garden show we also picked up a mini indoor greenhouse and a few packs of seeds.

Last summer we had a small veggie garden in the back with moderate success. We stuck with the typical novice veggie garden plants: tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, zucchini and a green pepper. We had purchased a few plants from the local hardware store, and my dad gifted us a few plants he started from seeds. It was a mixed bag as far as which plants did better - purchased vs. dad starter kit. The tomatoes did well but didn't grow as high as others in our neighborhood. Ditto on the cucumbers. We only had a few squash come up and quickly tired of the zucchini abundance - there are really only so many zucchini recipes. We had mostly good luck and are looking forward to planting more of a variety this season.

Here's Chris with our 2009 starter kit. While the garden was a joint venture last year, Chris suggests that my contribution was more on the tasting side, less on hole digging, watering, maintenance, etc. Perhaps this year I'll also assign myself the role of garden photographer.

We've got two tomato varieties: sweet 100s (a variety of cherry tomatoes), as recommended by my dad, and pineapple, a personal favorite of the knowledgeable woman selling seeds at the show. There are also red peppers, corn, and a few different varieties of flower seeds we had from last year. We'll post more photos as the process continues.

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